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We Fetch Business Overview

We Fetch is the safest and most convenient way your business can interact with your customers. With just three simple steps, you and your customers will experience the safety and convenience of contactless pick up and drop-off.


1 - Confirm

After making a booking with your facility, the user confirms the dates in their We Fetch calendar.

2 - Tap

When they get close to your facility, the user taps the notification to let your facility staff know they’ll be there soon.

3 - Arrive

The user arrives at your facility where your pet specialist is waiting with their pet ready to go, or waiting to take them in.

Want to know how We Fetch works? Watch this video!

Why We Fetch?


To put it simply, we’re one of you. As business owners in the Pet Services Industry, we recognize that there is a strong need for all businesses to adapt to keep our communities safe. We Fetch reduces the amount of employee-customer contact needed to run your business effectively while also increasing your customer convenience through reducing wait times, and most importantly, keeping you and your community safe.

Highlights of We Fetch

–  One low monthly cost, only paying for your clients that download and use the We Fetch app

–  Customizable pick up and drop-off geofence distances

–  Option for ‘Here Now’ geofence distance. ‘Here Now’ is an option that facility owners can add to allow your clients to let you know when they’ve just arrived at your facility. This is useful if your building does not have a clear view of your parking area.

–  Custom notification settings via text or email

–  Ability to manage and prioritize your facility’s users

We Fetch Smart App

Available on Android and iOS.
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